"Seeking Men and Women for Jesus"

Youth Ministry

Gcpc youth Ministry  is a dynamic group of young people with the desire to serve God in truth and spirit. Youth is one of the pillars of G.C.P.C Church tasked to  take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to  the unreached and bringing them to Christ.

The first assembly was in the year 2014. Membership has grown to twenty and many more continue to join.

We engage in different activities in and out of church to keep members actively engaged and create a sense of belonging, an enabling environment for prayer and sacrifice in the work of God.

We have weekly practice  on every saturday from 2pm for  presentations during Sunday services. We serve God in   songs, skits and plays.

Youth often do outdoor activities like hiking, sports, camping, and touring.

G.C.P.C youth is the group to belong. Come experience  the goodness of the Lord as we serve Him in our prime time.

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