"Seeking Men and Women for Jesus"

Pillars for G.C.P.C:-

G  Gospel preached without compromise

C- Compassionate care to every member of the family church and extended to the community.

P- Prayer is a lifestyle in GCPC.

C- Communal or corporate breaking of bread and seeking unity within the family church.

 The Great Commission Presbyterian Church also believes in the three critical truths as taught by Martin Luther, a German Monk and professor of theology.  These three truths give unique shape to our ministry:-

  1. Scripture alone (sola scriptura)- II Tim 3:16-17

We emphasize on the importance of the bible as God’s word.  The words of the bible are God’s words; it is God’s mind and love letter to humanity.

  1. Grace alone- sola gratia.

G.C.P.C believes and emphasizes on salvation by God’s grace alone.

 G- God’s

R- Riches

  • At
  • Christ’s

E- Expense

 Grace is God’s free gift; the unmerited favor.  Every gift given to members of great commission Presbyterian Church by God’s grace is well enhanced in order to enhance the lives of people through services that share the good news of Jesus Christ.

  1. Faith alone- Sola Fide

GCPC believes that God’s gift of salvation is received by faith alone.  There is nothing we can do to earn our salvation since it’s a gift.

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